Motor Industry Reports

carweb Inform is made up of over 150 fields of vehicle data and includes information on make, model, vehicle segment, fuel type, engine size, engine model, CO2, body type, registration date, date sold, number of owners, ownership type, postal sector of current keeper, colour, oil and tyre information and age.


carweb Inform is accleansed geographical vehicle database that allows you to enquire on vehicle population, age and individual vehicle type by a selected area eg country, region, county, town, postcode district or ‘drive time’. You can select, via an online application, the geographical territory you wish to investigate and chose the vehicle data fields you want shown within the report.

This online data application enables organisations to analyse their specific markets, understand market trends, assess potential for individual sales locations or dealer networks, forecast sales, plan stocking levels for used cars and replacement parts and quantify opportunities for vehicle servicing and repairs.

carweb have designed a range of web pages specifically for each of the business areas involved and associated with the automotive industry. Each web page contains a suite of reports that have been tailored to that business' requirements. These reports will hopefully enable users to analyse new car registrations, used car transactions, the total vehicle parc.

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